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Epta subscribes to Valore D, the network of more than 300 companies which, for more than 10 years, has been promoting gender equality and inclusive culture in Italy.   

Valore D proposes an integrated approach and directed at results. Programmes, tangible tools, training events and indicators studied to monitor and increase the level of inclusion are made available to members.

Furthermore, due to the best practices implemented by the companies and the ongoing dialogue between them and the institutions, companies of Valore D become part of a network for sharing high-value know-how.

The goal is to overcome differences of gender in favour of real progress of organisations and Italy overall.


Work life balance and well-being with Epta

Epta is already active, in this area, with several projects:

  • well-being initiatives continuously updated to create working environments attentive to the needs of all employees
  • leadership and governance models able to foster participation and dialogue
  • projects dedicated to the promotion of work life balance.

Today, thanks to the partnership with Valore D and to the inspiration offered by its rich manifesto, Epta is preparing to put in place another evolution.

With the goal of increasingly subscribing to the principles of inclusivity, it will commit itself to defining and integrating further tangible measures, also based on the suggestions received from the employees of the Group.

Internal activities will be arranged to gather ideas on how to put into practice and interpret the nine points of the manifesto.


Gender disparity: “Diversity is resource”

“Diversity is a resource. The entry to Valore D, of which I am proud to be among the signatories of Manifesto 2022, is evidence of the attention Epta has always put into these themes.

Enhancing the uniqueness of each person is a commitment rooted in our model of doing business. I believe that the spread of inclusive culture is crucial to promote sustainability in its widest and most comprehensive meaning, guarantee the expression of the maximum potential of gender balance, cultural and generational diversities”.

States Marco Nocivelli, President and CFO of Epta, who concludes: “We are committed every day to recognising individual differences. We are convinced that companies where Diversity & Inclusion are protagonists tackle the challenges of the market with greater innovation and success and guarantee full development of the talents and wellbeing of our human resources”.

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Epta sponsors the World Refrigeration Day 2022 scheduled for 26 June. The anniversary of the birth of Lord Kelvin has been symbolically chosen as the day dedicated to the enhancement of refrigeration in all its forms.

Towards responsible refrigeration

Energy transitionreduction in emissions and maximisation of efficiency are at the centre of global policies. However, it is still necessary to work to improve public awareness on the key role of refrigeration for modern life.
The realities that support this year’s World Refrigeration Day are many. The partners include government bodies and agencies, suppliers of services and companies like Epta. These realities, together, amount to approximately half a million between engineers and technicians.
Multiple international associations also take part in World Refrigeration Day.
Among these stand out the United Nations Programme for the environment OzonAction, ASHRAE, the European partnership for energy and the environment, the Spanish-American association of air conditioning and refrigeration.
The global council of the cold food chain, the international institute of refrigeration, the Indian company of heating refrigeration and air conditioning, the Union of African associations of refrigeration and air conditioning are also participants.

Innovation and sustainability: Epta’s mission for refrigeration

Epta takes on board the claim of this year’s event “Cooling Matters”. Its sponsorship of the event aims at highlighting how much the refrigeration world affects the everyday life of people, guaranteeing healthy, fresh food with high nutritional properties.
Epta Iberia also sponsors the conference organised by the local associations AEFYTAFAR and AEFEC scheduled for 27 June.
A further goal of Epta is to raise everyone’s awareness: from institutions to industry, to professionals and final users on the importance of adopting solutions and technologies based on the principle of sustainable innovation. This will serve to encourage the reduction of the environmental impact and a greater wellness of future generations.
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Epta UK is among the winners of the Made In Yorkshire Awards with the UK version of the Gazelle, a vertical glass doored refrigerated display cabinet from the Costan brand.

Epta UK won in the Manufacturing Innovation category. This prestigious award is dedicated to the manufacturing company with headquarters in the region of Yorkshire and Humber, which has generated a significant financial return in the area thanks to a product manufactured in the area.


Manufacturing innovation at the service of efficiency

The judges stated that the company has provided proof of tangible commercial success, sealing agreements with an important player in the United Kingdom and one of its distributors in Ireland to install the UK version of Gazelle.


Commercial refrigeration represents approximately 40% of the average energy consumption of a supermarket. For this reason, the players in this sector have been committed to offering efficient refrigerated display cabinets that contribute to store sustainability.


The materials, the type of refrigerant and the presence or absence of doors play a crucial role in the energy efficiency of the furnishing equipment and its environmental impact. Starting from the analysis of these aspects, Epta UK has designed the Gazelle, a range of vertical glass refrigerated display cabinets for fresh products built in the UK.


Sustainable innovation thanks to technology

These refrigerated display cabinets are an example of the experience Epta has in sustainable innovation, using the latest technologies, in favour of maximum energy saving and greater enhancement of products on show.


The refrigerated display cabinet awarded at the Made in Yorkshire Awards


The key features of the UK version of Gazelle include:

- Energy efficiency class B within the framework of the European Energy Label Regulation

- Green refrigerant, namely choice of CO2 as natural refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1

- LED lighting to obtain 35% energy saving compared to the previous model

- Low U value glass and high visibility doors

- 3M1 performances at 0°C Saturated Suction Temperature (SST)

- High efficiency fans and optimised evaporator battery for maximum sustainability

 - Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


The future-proof refrigerated display cabinet Gazelle built in the UK

Martin Peel, Epta UK Operations Director, who collected the award, stated: “We are very proud to have won this award. It confirms the experience of Epta UK in developing future-proof refrigeration solutions and technology, designed to give customers value”.


He goes on to say: “The UK version of the Gazelle allows us to strengthen our position on the market and add a new high efficiency range to our portfolio which promotes sustainability using low GWP refrigerants and glass doors. This new development confirms the value we attribute to sustainable innovation and reflects our vision: to be the first-choice partner in commercial refrigeration in the United Kingdom and in other related markets”.

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Epta, with the Life-C4R project, globally sponsors the second edition of the #WorldRefrigerationDay. A day established on 26 June to honour William Thomson, inventor of the Kelvin scale and one of the fathers of thermodynamics.  The aim is to raise awareness among the industry and the public towards sustainable management of the entire cold chain: from the refrigeration sector to that of air-conditioning and heat pumps.

The initiative, which again this year boasts the support of the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), draws the attention of the entire Planet to the significant role that the HVACR sector plays, every day, in multiple aspects of people’s lives, charting the refrigeration route of the future, increasingly natural and sustainable.

A philosophy in line with the leitmotiv of the three-year Life C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project by Epta, co-funded by the EU, with the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC with transcritical CO2, in order to reduce the carbon footprint and, at the same time, achieve a significant reduction in consumption. 

Again, this year, to celebrate the anniversary, Centro Studi Galileo will organise, in association with ATFAssociazione dei Technici Italiani del Freddo (Association of Italian Refrigeration Technicians) – a major webinar, entitled “The latest technologies in Conditioning and Refrigeration at the time of post Covid-19”. Some of the most authoritative Italian voices of the HVACR sector will take to the virtual stage, including Francesco Mastrapasqua, Advocacy & Regulatory Affairs Manager of Epta, who will give a talk on “Solutions for sustainable commercial refrigeration with zero climate impact”.

This is a unique opportunity to draw attention to the important goals achieved by Epta as part of the development of technologies that look to the future, to help guide the sector towards green alternatives. A veritable “sustainable revolution” carried on by Epta precisely to introduce ingenious natural refrigerant solutions to the market, in any climate zone.

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EuroShop 2020 has drawn to a close, and Epta is now taking stock of its stimulating experience at the trade fair. Our slow-motion analysis of each of the action-packed days at the fair shows there are lessons to be learned from the event, and successes to be celebrated. Now the future strategy and operational plan can be mapped out.  


The star of the Epta stand was The Epta System, a winning combination of products, services, technologies, ideas and people designed to accompany Retailers through their #storevolution. The system helps make stores even more attractive, efficient and sustainable, whilst transforming them into consumer destinations in their own right.


The Conference Arena proved a major draw. Designed specifically to offer insight into the first major goals achieved in the three-year Life-C4R project (developed by Epta and co-funded by the EU), it also placed environmental topics under the spotlight, and provided first-hand testimonies. In a meeting place designed to give visitors more information, each day saw international speakers alternate with big names from the sector. The Conference Arena also provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing the expertise of the EptaService and EptaConcept teams, whilst illustrating the Circular Grocerant concept conceived in conjunction with the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. Not to mention the original projects submitted by companies and start-ups already looking to the future at the EptaInnoVillage.


I am delighted to be able to thank the Epta team, everyone from sales to marketing, the technical office and our external partners; all those involved worked tirelessly, with commitment and energy, on every single aspect of the organisation. Together they helped ensure that the end result was a resounding success,” commented William Pagani, Group Marketing Director at Epta, concluding that “We must also acknowledge the trust our Clients place in us, as this is the factor that has always driven us to do better.”

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Epta UK is participating in the new edition of Ice Cream and Gelato Expo 2020 (Stand 48), from 11 to 13 February in Harrogate. The event dedicated to the ice cream sector, will be the ideal setting to present the vast range of Iarp Cool Emotions. It is a complete line of plug-ins with an urban chic, made unique by the LED lights on the external profiles of the cabinets, which uses natural refrigerant R290. The aesthetics can be customised with digital print directly on sheet metal.

The latter is a construction detail which allows each Client to unleash his/her creativity in shaping display spaces that continue or break with the look&feel of the bar, ice cream parlour or restaurant. A vast possibility of choice, between chameleon-like graphics, guarantee of a perfect balance with the surrounding environment or in sharp contrast, to attract the attention and eye of Customers, always maximising impulse buying.

This variety of expression will be presented at the Epta UK stand, thanks to an ad hoc set-up of the display space with several Iarp Cool Emotions cabinets and other high- end solutions branded Iarp. The stars of the fair will be the Delight and Vic Creamy scooping cabinets for loose ice cream, the New York vending machine for the sale of industrial ice cream, the Cily60 cylindrical chest (?), the Glee and Glee X-slim verticals for packaged ice cream, Excite, the compact cabinet which can be positioned on the counter and Super Excite, ideal for the rear counter.

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Your #Storevolution. The Epta System: this is Epta’s promise to the market, which will be previewed at Euroshop 2020, the world’s leading Retail fair which will be held in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February.


An evolution/revolution is underway in the Retail world, dictated by a more demanding clientele, new consumer trends and stringent international legislation, which is continuously updated. In a scenario which is changing at an ever-increasing pace, Epta, leader in the refrigeration world, in virtue of a global approach, works alongside Retailers in tackling the changes in the technological and legislative area, in addition to the challenges in proposing increasingly more attractive set-ups, merged with performance and excellent services.


To experience the store in its most evolved version the answer is Epta System, the winning combination of comprehensive solutions and advanced services, offered by specialist teams which work to leave an even more distinctive mark and transform the stores into an authentic destination for consumers.


Thanks to brand synergy, the Group offers the widest range of systems and technologies for refrigeration in the Large-Scale Retail, Ho.Re.Ca and Food & Beverage sectors. Furthermore, thanks to the contribution of teams of professionals, it is able to work alongside the Client at every phase of the project, from the conception of appealing spaces which give dynamism and vitality to the layout of any store, up to assistance and after-sales consulting, guarantee of maximum reliability and performance.


How can you make your Clients experience the store in its most evolved and decidedly exciting version? The first step is to choose Epta, the refrigeration specialist, as your partner

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Epta UK, part of the Epta Group, have been awarded Refrigeration Contractor of the Year 2018 by Mitchells and Butler PLC, recognition for the dedication and effort from the teams across Epta Service and Sales & Projects. Epta were shortlisted for the award and chosen by directors across M&B for the effective account management and service delivery. Phil Rowe, Area Building Manager for M&B presented the award to the teams based in Epta UK’s southern premises in Ringwood, Hampshire.

From improving back-office work flows to dedicated training videos for engineers, the knowledge, teamwork and efficiency shown across the business in delivering this successful account are a shining example of the customer service and refrigeration expertise cultivated in Epta UK. Pro-active account management and service delivery are at the heart of this award and the way Epta UK strive for excellence.

M&B were also impressed with how Epta worked with the M&B Building & Estate Teams to promote the Epta name and other works the company can offer above and beyond the contracted estate.

“All of the teams that work on this account are delighted at receiving recognition for their efforts to drive the effectiveness of this partnership forward and improve the service we deliver to our customers” – Louise Metcalfe, Key Account Manager Epta UK.

Epta UK have historically provided commercial refrigeration solutions for the grocery-retail sector however since the acquisition of Cold Service in 2014 the company is increasingly involved within the Food Service sector.

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From 12 to 14 February a rich programme awaits you at the 2019 edition of the Ice Cream and Gelato Expo, for the second time featuring solutions from Iarp at the Epta UK stand (no. 37). The Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate will be the setting for this event, which will host suppliers, dealers, catering operators and craftspeople from the ice cream industry.


The event will be an opportunity for Epta UK to present solutions dedicated to the Food&Beverage segment and Ho.Re.Ca., such as the Glee, Delight, and Vic Creamy plug-in units and the New York vending. These products deliver a high degree of customizability thanks to digital printing, to meet the demand for versatility and flexibility of display in every environment. The Glee vertical cabinet and the Delight scooping unit from the Iarp Cool Emotions range stand out for their innovative capacity, flexibility, reliability and aesthetics, characterized by blue LED lights on the external profiles enhancing the family feeling of the collection.


The star of the show is the New York vending machine for the sale of ice cream cones, tubs and lollies. The great display, choice of the LEDs, luminous keypad and the touch display are strengths of the vending machine dedicated, meticulously designed to stimulate impulse buying.


Lastly, special mention goes to Vic Creamy, the plug-in unit for scooping ice cream with 5/6 or 8 flavours configuration and a sneeze guard. This solution allows the temperature to be monitored and adjusted with a high-precision electronic controller.

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Epta UK participates in the Foodservice and Professional Kitchen Show presenting the Iarp range and other smart solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. world. The show, scheduled to take place at the Birmingham NEC on 22 and 23 January, is an important opportunity to network and meet buyers in search of high quality equipment for professional kitchens.  

The Epta UK stand (n°. 408) will feature the New York vending machine dedicated to the sale of packaged ice cream and the Glee plug-ins for ice cream or beverages. The solutions set themselves apart for their unique design, which feature clean lines and maximum personalisation, thanks to the digital print directly on the sheet metal. An unmistakable style, which associates straight glass doors and total transparency with LED lighting. A further strong point of the Iarp solutions is the guarantee of superior performance and reduced consumption, thanks to the use of propane R290. Finally, the stand will also present a selection of rear cabinets in stainless steel to complete the range for the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food & Beverage world.

Foodservice Show will also provide entertainment thanks to Salon Culinaire, the UK’s most prestigious cooking competition, which sees 300 major Chefs battle it out armed with creativity and gourmet ideas. Epta UK will be directly involved in the event: the kitchens will be equipped with Epta supplied plug-ins, including the Tango Next, ideal to enhance a vast range of fresh and frozen products in reduced spaces. Epta show the greatest respect for the environment with the use of natural refrigerant R290, whist the refrigeration technology ensures all products are stored at the optimum temperature to preserve quality. The all-glass doors also guarantee total visibility of the products.

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