HVACR services

Epta UK's comprehensive solutions for optimal efficiency

HVACR service solutions: design, supply, and efficiency optimisation by Epta UK  


HVACR is an increasingly business-critical choice. Comfort cooling and heating help create the right customer environment for your operation and is also proven to impact the productivity of employees and equipment. 

Technology innovation is also driving through improvements to more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly air-conditioning, including state-of-the-art, renewable energy heat pump systems.

Epta UK can help you design, supply and install the right air-conditioning system for your business, right through to ongoing service and maintenance packages geared towards optimising lifetime efficiency.

From small, single-room cooling and heating applications to centralised plants and ductwork distribution for multi-storey properties, we are experienced in delivering air-conditioning for all types of buildings and applications.

We can also design and install ‘Close Control Air-Conditioning’ systems for highly sensitive business environments, such as, computer server rooms and data centres.

We work only with high-quality air-conditioning brands and all systems are supplied with comprehensive warranties from both the manufacturer and Epta UK.