Certifications and Memberships

Transparent and sustainable management approach

Upholding the Pinnacle of Quality Standards: Epta UK's Commitment


Through meticulous testing and inspections, Epta UK guarantees the complete safety and dependability of our products and services. The outstanding quality upheld by Epta Group is exemplified by Epta UK, as demonstrated by the following certifications and significant memberships:



We incorporate a certified Integrated Management System (IMS). Our IMS is certified by TUV Austria and underlines our commitment to quality, environmental, and safety standards.


ISO 9001-2015

International standard identifying requirements for quality management certification


ISO 14001-2015

International standard identifying requirements for environmental management certification


ISO 45001-2018

International standard identifying requirements for health and safety certification

Memberships in important associations



Member of the nonprofit organization SEDEX and SMETA audited: SMETA is an ethical audit encompassing all aspects of responsible business practice designed to assess sites and examine working conditions across a business' supply chain.



The ECOVADIS rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labour and Human Rights and Ethics and Sustainable procurement impacts.



The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) is a collective which includes the British Refrigeration Association and works with the Institute of Refrigeration and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board to influence UK



As a user of fluorinated refrigerant gases, and in accordance with legal requirements (the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009), Epta UK appears on the REFCOM Register of Companies as Competent to Handle Refrigerants.