Our Commitment

Using the Epta UK Way we want to set everyone up for success - in that way we succeed as a team!


Through informal discussions and more formal appraisal we will target the behaviours we want and need, to be able to succeed – we want everyone to be the best they can be! So in a little more detail these are the positive behaviours we strive for:

  • TEAMWORK - Open collaboration - Care & support - Diversity & inclusion - Pride - Sociability & fun - In it together - Passionate & motivated
  • RESPONSIBILITY - Personal & collective ownership - Integrity & respect for each other the business & its commercial goals - Respect for the working environment & the wider world
  • INNOVATION - Creative thinking - Constant improvement- Evolving & looking at new ways - Optimising our performance - Adapting & being open to new ideas
  • EXCELLENCE - Always striving for excellence in everything we do - Being the experts - High focus on standards at all times - Committed to our customers