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Elevating Your Expertise with Advanced Courses From Epta's City & Guilds Accredited Training Centre in the UK

City & Guilds Accredited Training Centre


C02 Equipment Training Centre

Welcome to Epta's Training Centre in the United Kingdom, where we harness our extensive expertise in natural refrigerant applications and our proven track record in CO2 system installations. Our commitment to excellence led us to establish this centre, and we are proud to hold the prestigious "City & Guilds" certification, which underscores the value of the Epta experience and our unwavering commitment to quality.

Managed by two City and Guilds approved assessors and staffed with knowledgeable and qualified consultants fluent in various languages, our Training Centre is dedicated to providing top-notch education. We have also equipped the center with a City & Guilds approved test ring and comprehensive brazing equipment to ensure a hands-on learning experience.

Our high-level courses are designed to immerse you in the world of CO2 as a refrigerant, equipping you with the technical knowledge required to excel in this field. Join us on a journey of learning and discovery at the forefront of sustainable refrigeration technology.


All equipment is made available to the attendees for the purposes of training and research:


  • Cascade System
    A two-compressor cascade system with standby cooling together with inverter control.

  • Transcritical Booster system
    A multi-compressor system comprising MT and LT booster compressors. The system is configured to utilise multiple transcritical and flash gas solutions. The plant is equipped with inverters and standby cooling.

  • Pumped system
    Featuring a hermetic refrigerant pump and multiple regulation valve options. 


Epta Training Courses

In our City & Guilds Training Centre, we offer both our colleagues and external specialists from all sectors of the refrigeration industry. 

We offer a wide range of different training courses: they range from 1-3 days.

Bespoke training is also available by request

Explore the courses below:

City & Guilds Accredited CO2 Centre

CITY & GUILDS 6187-31 - CO2 Service & Maintenance | Course Duration 3 Days

Undertake theory and practical training to prepare you for City & Guilds industry-certified qualification. The course covers, basic principles, CO2 systems, risk assessment, and practical work on transcritical, cascade, and pumped systems.

City & Guilds Accredited CO2 Centre

CITY AND GUILDS 2079 F-GAS | Course Duration 2 Days / 3 Days

Undertake theory and practical training to prepare you for the 2079 F-Gas qualification. The course is offered as a 2-day session for experienced engineers and a 3-day session for those requiring additional technical training. The final day includes the City & Guilds assessment.

City & Guilds Accredited CO2 Centre

CITY & GUILDS 6187-21 - Hydrocarbon Service & Maintenance | Course Duration 1 Day

Undertake theory and practical training to prepare you for the 6187-21 hydrocarbon qualification. The course covers theory and practical aspects of working with Hydrocarbon refrigerants and concludes with an assessment of skills.

British Refrigeration Association

BRA Brazing Assessment | Course Duration 1 Day

A course for those who need the skills to braze to the BRA specification. The course covers Health and Safety, the use of Oxy/Acetylene equipment, and teaches both brazing and silver soldering. Assessment is carried out by producing a standard specimen test piece.


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