Epta cabinets in Co-op’s NEW flagship store - Stornoway, Scotland

New Coop Store Stornoway - Epta

In a significant milestone for both the community of Stornoway and the Co-operative Group, the newly opened Co-op store on MacAulay Road has become the flagship and largest supermarket in Scotland. This 22,000-square-foot retail marvel not only redefines the shopping experience but also serves as a vital source of employment for over 100 individuals on the island.

Epta Cabinets
A crucial aspect of this ground-breaking retail establishment is the delivery of 51 cutting-edge cabinets from Epta that have transformed the store's functionality. These cabinets, strategically placed throughout the premises, cater to various sections, including frozen, chilled, Eco, and roll-in milk. What sets these cabinets apart is their design, featuring full-height doors that not only enhance accessibility but also contribute to the store's aesthetic appeal.

The frozen section, equipped with specialised cabinets, ensures that customers can easily access a wide range of frozen products. The chilled section, too, benefits from these modern cabinets, providing an organised and efficient display of perishable goods. The Eco section, reflecting Co-op's commitment to sustainability, incorporates cabinets designed to minimise environmental impact.

Rolling into the milk section, the cabinets installed are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The full-height doors not only contribute to a sleek and modern appearance but also serve a practical purpose by maintaining the desired temperature for dairy products.

Co-op's Commitment to Community
Beyond the technological advancements within the store, Co-op's commitment to the local community is evident in its effort to support over 100 jobs on the island. The Stornoway store stands as more than just a retail space, it’s a hub for economic growth and community development.

The extensive makeover of the Stornoway Co-op store is a testament to the Co-operative Group's dedication to providing customers with a contemporary and enjoyable shopping experience. For more details on the renovation and the various features of the store, you can refer to the official press release on Co-op's website [link].