The Aftersales Service you always wanted

To guarantee maximum efficiency and operational continuity retailers need to rely on first class technical service. This is the reason why Epta has always offered a total solution combining complete systems with a high level of operational and energy performance within a wide range of aftersales services. "Presence and competence" have always been the key words for the Group when it comes to aftersales activities that support Clients and meet all of their needs. Epta Service offers the finest support teams: technical experts who work actively with Retailers to offer professional adviceretrofit solutions and Telemonitoring programs.

The use of the latest digital instruments enables Epta Service to provide a real-time connection with the stores and with trusted technicians. The winning combination of innovation and expertise allows Epta Service to satisfy every requirement and ensures the highest levels of customer saving, providing the best solutions  to evolve and keep one step ahead by creating real business value for its customers.

Epta Service is always closer to retailers, thanks to our skillful customer service team in several call-centers around the world ready to provide support and information. They have the answer to customer requests: from quotations for spare-parts to management of retrofit interventions. They can also help with technical advice and development of tailored solutions, as well as handling customer accounts and satisfaction.

"Epta Service, a Global Team" Watch the video!