Epta presents SwitchON Pack, the advanced diagnostics platform for refrigeration packs

Epta presents SwitchON Pack, the advanced diagnostics platform for refrigeration packs

Epta expands the range of EptaService solutions with SwitchON Pack, proving once again to be in step with the times.

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in line with most advanced companies, the Group is also moving from being a hunter to becoming a farmer. What does that mean?

Servitization: software and services

Conscious of it or not, we are in a new era: that of digitisation, and servitisation.

Streaming, car sharing, telephone subscriptions, software paid in fees, to give a few examples, are now an integral part of our lives. While these innovations reflect an incredible technological progress, they also reveal another truth of our times: experiences are being encouraged rather than the possession of objects. We do not pay exclusively for their use.

This change of direction is linked as much to the current economic situation and the consequent diffidence to invest in durable goods, as to an IoT now pursued in every sphere and aspect of our daily lives.

In such a scenario, companies are forced to review their paradigms and align them with those of Industry 4.0.

In other words, they are no longer selling products but services – or at least solutions capable of guaranteeing the establishment of a stable and prolonged relationship between customers and suppliers.

Consultancy, service and maintenance are factors that cannot be ignored when purchasing an asset. Smart, Cloud and Big Data systems make all of this possible: these technologies, now available on the market, provide real-time access to data on the operational status of an asset.

An advantage for estimating, governing and in some cases preventing risk factors, reducing repair costs and stimulating innovation based on accurate measurements.


Remote control of temperature, performances and malfunctions

SwitchON Pack by EptaService, previewed at Chillventa, breaks the mould and overcomes the limitations of current control systems dedicated to refrigeration packs by offering remote access to them.

Equipped with a special Service Box that collects data through the web, this technology offers a constant trace of operating parameters. The system therefore allows remote control of temperature, cooling capacity, energy performance and consumption of the cabinets.

But that's not all. This diagnostic platform integrates a monitoring system capable of detecting anomalies in real time and indicating where to intervene.

With a constant eye on the activity of all components and an alarm system, SwitchON Pack indicates on which elements repair is needed, whether compressors, inverters, oil injection devices, gas cooler fans or control valves.

In other words, predictive maintenance, maximum efficiency, reliability and safety. If one then considers the intuitive guidance that accompanies technicians through the troubleshooting process, it becomes abundantly clear how Epta technology is a win-win solution.


As a fil rouge that “binds” supplier, product and consumer, the EptaService innovation is the promise of a continuous service that not only responds to all present and future needs but is also a byword for progress for the Group itself.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as SwitchON Pack, Epta cultivates a stable and mutually beneficial relationship with the customer.