ATMOsphere Europe: commercial refrigeration and sustainability

ATMOsphere Europe: commercial refrigeration and sustainability

Epta is Gold Sponsor of the 12th edition of ATMOsphere Europe. The summit, to be held in Brussels on November 15th and 16th, will be an opportunity for the Group to present its ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) technology: the subcooler that can ensure the operation of a transcritical CO2 plant at any latitude.

The sustainable future of commercial refrigeration

ATMOsphere Europe involves key players in the HVAC&R industry: from those involved in regulation and technology development, to End Users.

The event is thought as a meeting point but also as a space for dialogue and discussion. It is also an important growth opportunity for all companies that believe in a sustainable future.

If we consider the current European economic scenario, it is evident how essential it is to rationalize the resources in the best possible way in order to achieve maximum energy savings.

The solution for a lower environmental impact? Natural refrigerants

A paradigm shift is already underway. Indeed, there is a gradual phasing out of synthetic refrigerants in favor of natural and environmentally friendly solutions.

In this context, Epta – as a green transition enabler – will illustrate to the ATMOspere Europe participants how ETE enables the next generation of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems during the talk by David Wirth, Epta’s Power Packs Product Manager, entitled "ETE - Extreme Temperature Efficiency High efficient technology to run transcritical systems in all climate conditions."

Transcritical CO2: the ETE refrigeration system

An efficient technology whose secret lies in the reduction of refrigerant temperature before its distribution to end users and the almost complete disappearance of "flash-gas".

This results in significant energy savings and efficient plant operation even in countries where temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

ETE technology consists of available and known standard components, and it is also easy to install, start-up and maintain, which makes it a solution that is in all respects sustainable, reliable, safe and high-performing.

Data in hand, at ATMOsphere Europe Epta will illustrate through projects and success stories the tangible results achieved by ETE with different store sizes, climatic conditions and geographic locations.