Epta sponsors the World Refrigeration Day 2022 scheduled for 26 June. The anniversary of the birth of Lord Kelvin has been symbolically chosen as the day dedicated to the enhancement of refrigeration in all its forms.

Towards responsible refrigeration

Energy transitionreduction in emissions and maximisation of efficiency are at the centre of global policies. However, it is still necessary to work to improve public awareness on the key role of refrigeration for modern life.
The realities that support this year’s World Refrigeration Day are many. The partners include government bodies and agencies, suppliers of services and companies like Epta. These realities, together, amount to approximately half a million between engineers and technicians.
Multiple international associations also take part in World Refrigeration Day.
Among these stand out the United Nations Programme for the environment OzonAction, ASHRAE, the European partnership for energy and the environment, the Spanish-American association of air conditioning and refrigeration.
The global council of the cold food chain, the international institute of refrigeration, the Indian company of heating refrigeration and air conditioning, the Union of African associations of refrigeration and air conditioning are also participants.

Innovation and sustainability: Epta’s mission for refrigeration

Epta takes on board the claim of this year’s event “Cooling Matters”. Its sponsorship of the event aims at highlighting how much the refrigeration world affects the everyday life of people, guaranteeing healthy, fresh food with high nutritional properties.
Epta Iberia also sponsors the conference organised by the local associations AEFYTAFAR and AEFEC scheduled for 27 June.
A further goal of Epta is to raise everyone’s awareness: from institutions to industry, to professionals and final users on the importance of adopting solutions and technologies based on the principle of sustainable innovation. This will serve to encourage the reduction of the environmental impact and a greater wellness of future generations.