Convenience stores have evolved in recent years; faster service, smaller queues and greater product offers. Consumer behaviour has changed too. Shopping trips need to become faster and easier – the average shopper has 3.6 trips during the week for top-up shops, rather than the traditional weekly shop. 

Convenience stores have changed with our need for fresher & faster: availability and range key factors in their growth. The mission of the shopper has changed from grabbing a quick sandwich to a wide range of breakfasts, snacks and evening meals.

Success in the convenience sector drives £600 million annual investment. Symbol groups dominate with a 38% share, supermarket multiples have the largest turnover to store ratio, and independents and co-operatives are also thriving. With a £39 billion growing market it is clear why investments and improvements are taking place.

In order to contribute to the success of the convenience, Epta UK helps Retailers to win customer loyalty through eye-catching merchandising and layout that improve the shopping experience. Epta understands the limitations on space and offers numerous ranges and systems , developed to utilise space effectively. Some convenience stores choose remote cabinets where packs allow easy removal of hot air from stores, where others choose plug-ins for flexibility.

Furthermore, energy use and costs are central to any grocery retail operation; Epta’s cases are available with doors for improving energy efficiency, reducing airflow into the aisle, keeping product fresh and product visibility high. Among these solutions, the R&D Team at Epta has developed a range of vertical, positive and negative plug-ins under the Costan brand: Tango Next & Valzer Next. A combination of style and cutting-edge technical performance sees compact furnishings that combine the outstanding appearance of remote cabinets with the flexibility of a plug-in. The result is a greater use of display space, with 8% capacity increase. 

There are technical and aesthetic features that allow units from both versions to be placed alongside one another, creating uniform and elegant appeal.

Convenience stores serve a huge proportion of customers; over 19,000 stores still provide rural areas with a local shop. Epta understands how heavy use can have an impact on door hinges, therefore Tango Next & Valzer Next doors are tested past 250,000 openings to ensure the quality needed in high footfall stores.