Epta UK is participating in the new edition of Ice Cream and Gelato Expo 2020 (Stand 48), from 11 to 13 February in Harrogate. The event dedicated to the ice cream sector, will be the ideal setting to present the vast range of Iarp Cool Emotions. It is a complete line of plug-ins with an urban chic, made unique by the LED lights on the external profiles of the cabinets, which uses natural refrigerant R290. The aesthetics can be customised with digital print directly on sheet metal.

The latter is a construction detail which allows each Client to unleash his/her creativity in shaping display spaces that continue or break with the look&feel of the bar, ice cream parlour or restaurant. A vast possibility of choice, between chameleon-like graphics, guarantee of a perfect balance with the surrounding environment or in sharp contrast, to attract the attention and eye of Customers, always maximising impulse buying.

This variety of expression will be presented at the Epta UK stand, thanks to an ad hoc set-up of the display space with several Iarp Cool Emotions cabinets and other high- end solutions branded Iarp. The stars of the fair will be the Delight and Vic Creamy scooping cabinets for loose ice cream, the New York vending machine for the sale of industrial ice cream, the Cily60 cylindrical chest (?), the Glee and Glee X-slim verticals for packaged ice cream, Excite, the compact cabinet which can be positioned on the counter and Super Excite, ideal for the rear counter.