Epta will be  sponsoring the XII IIR Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference, to be held in Edinburgh from 21 to 24 August 2016, at the new Conference Centre built for the occasion at the heart of the Heriot-Watt University Campus. Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of the Epta Innovation Center and John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK and a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration will give a speech during the conference.

The Conference will be organised by the Institute of Refrigeration, an independent charitable organisation first founded in 1899 as the “Cold Storage and Ice Association”. It brings together around 2,000 professionals working in the field, and constitutes a resource of primary importance for developing refrigeration technologies that promote the wellness of the public at large.

This event, of global stature, will be focusing on the future of natural refrigerants, such as water, ammonia, hydrocarbons, air and CO2, along with their very latest applications geared towards energy saving and maximum respect for the environment. It will also be dedicating attention to alternative cycles.

The Conference programme will also include over 120 speeches, distributed throughout the three-day event, to examine the topic of natural refrigerants both in professional terms and on a purely scientific level. The event will be attracting an international audience with end users, stakeholders, systems manufacturers, university researchers, entrepreneurs, contractors, installers, designers, consultants, component producers and technology suppliers all taking part.

Sustainability, the challenges of tomorrow and their solutions: the Conference will provide an invaluable opportunity for an in-depth analysis of how using natural fluids makes it possible to tackle the increasingly stringent global, political, regulatory and economic challenges when it comes to safeguarding the environment.